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TP-Link offers Wi-Fi 6 range extenders with OneMesh

TP-Link’s OneMesh roll-out coincides with the launch of two new, OneMesh compatible Wi-Fi 6 Range Extenders.  TP-Link router users can enjoy a mesh experience by upgrading their router’s firmware and adding a OneMesh compatible Wi-Fi range extender to their existing devices. Simply connect a OneMesh range extender or Powerline extender …

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BullGuard advises on Wi-Fi safety as research finds Brits take risks when connecting to hotspots

79% of public Wi-Fi users take significant risks when choosing hotspots, according to new research from BullGuard. Instead of taking the time to check that a hotspot is legitimate, users are selecting hotspots based on Wi-fi- strength, a name that seems appropriate, or just picking any free option, revealed the …

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