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How is Google’s repair ads ban affecting tech businesses?

As Google removes adverts related to computer repairs in a bid to stop scammers, how is this affecting legitimate businesses? Tech For Techs asks its members. MIKE WHITEHOUSE, SUNDERLAND COMPUTER REPAIRS “I have worked with Google for a long time and I’ve resigned myself to having to spend £300 a …

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How important is it to diversify your offerings?

Industry community Tech For Techs asks its members what new areas they have branched out into and why diversifying their offerings have helped them generate more business. CORMIE CORMISON, CROSSHAVEN COMPUTERS “Moving as many business customers as I can to MSP. With me fitting more and more SDDs, I’m less …

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Dealer Discussion: How can indies maximise their exposure?

What’s the best way for independent retailers and service providers to get their name out there? Industry community Tech For Techs asks its members what works for them. PETER WHITEHOUSE, SCANSTATION COMPUTERS “For our consumer customers we still do print advertising in the small directory magazines. We had great success …

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Is there still value in stocking printers and ink?

There’s no question that everyone should be doing their part of help reduce waste, recycle and save paper. The WWF urges both individuals and businesses to save paper where they can and try to buy from responsible sources. Couple this with the fact that technology has evolved to a point …

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