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4D Data Centres joins scheme to connect school students with working network engineers

 4D Data Centres, has embarked on a gold sponsorship with I’m an Engineer, a student-led online engagement activity which connects school students with working network engineers from across the UK. An online STEM enrichment activity, the event has two objectives, to demonstrate to children that engineers and scientists are people …

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Arrows Group Futurescale Academy creates “job ready” grads

Charlie Sell of Arrows Group Global is offering free mentoring and training to increase the flow of rising young talent in the channel. With sixteen years of experience in the tech recruitment industry, Charlie can see objectively that when it comes to increasing the numbers of women and minority groups …

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How can we can elevate Women in STEM?

Having undergone the struggles of growing up in war-torn Afghanistan, Okta developer Sara Daqiq, argues that more female representation is key towards the progression of the industry… Stats today show that only 15 per cent of Engineering graduates are female. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) has, in the past, been male dominant, which in …

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