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Sony launches wena watch in the UK

Sony has launched its wena smartwatch range in the UK. wena stands for “Wear Electronics Naturally”. The interchangeable nature of the watch allows the technology to be isolated to the clasp of the strap, rather than being linked to the face. The design allows the wearer to choose any watch …

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PCR Five for Friday (25/08/2017)

Five for Friday is a weekly feature to give a brief roundup of our top five stories from the week that you might have missed. Think we left anything out? Let us know your favourite stories of the week by pinging us a tweet @pcr_online. ‘Two-year-olds should be taught to code to …

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Hybrid smartwatches expected to represent 40 per cent of the wearable market by 2021

Basic hybrid or ‘smart analogue’ smartwatches are expected to represent 40 per cent of the wearable market by 2021, a new study from Juniper Research suggests. These watches have traditional faces, but despite their simplicity they still provide some connected functions. This has contributed towards the watches’ popularity according to the market researcher. …

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Big vendors fight over smartwatch space as Sony turns to crowdfunding

While the wearables market hasn’t really set the world alight in terms of sales just yet, Samsung and Sony are continuing to focus on the space with new products. Samsung has revealed its latest offering to the market with the Gear S2 (pictured in thumbnail), the firm’s predecessor to its …

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