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It’s time for security vendors to make partners the champions

Jamie Box, VP Global Sales at SentryBay disses the necessity for vendors to stay loyal to partners and not succumb to direct requests from end-users who can’t get access to the local knowledge and face-to-face interaction they are used to from resellers and changes in how security software is being …

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Raising the shield against the risks of smart tech

With the continually growing number of smart devices being connected to the network, end point security needs to be much more carefully considered as Dave Waterson, CEO, SentryBay explains. The prevalence of smart tech being used in businesses is growing exponentially. Internet of Things endpoints have been projected by Gartner …

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SentryBay expands reseller network to meet demand for endpoint security

SentryBay is recruiting new partners for its Authorised Reseller Programme to help it meet a sharp rise in demand for its proactive endpoint protection. The company, which has a broad range of specialist enterprise, data monitoring, ID theft protection and OEM products, is actively seeking resellers with security software experience, …

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