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A real use case for machine leaning

Paul Lipman, CEO at Cybersecurity company, BullGuard explains how its newly released product line is offering multi-layered cybersecurity using adaptive machine learning Machine learning (ML) has become such a commonplace term in corporate marketing that it has crossed into buzzword territory. So many companies are using these terms in their …

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BullGuard’s Paul Lipman: “Security is imperative as Coronavirus-themed malware rises”

Paul Lipman, CEO at cybersecurity company BullGuard, looks at the current rise in Coronavirus-theme malware and why businesses of all sizes need to ensure their staff’s devices are safe when working remotely. In this time of uncertainty change is rapid. Small and medium-sized businesses up and down the country are …

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How AI is being utilised in the cybersecurity space

Paul Lipman, CEO at BullGuard, discusses how AI is being used within its products and how it can be a compelling selling point for resellers. It’s a figure that is so large it’s difficult to comprehend, but 350,000 new malware programmes and suspicious applications are released every day according to …

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