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Remote work entices cybercriminals to resume the brute-forcing game

In 2017, both the UK and Scottish Parliaments fell victim to brute-force attacks. One year later, a similar but unsuccessful attack occurred in the Northern Irish Assembly. And this year, Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific suffered a brute-force attack and was fined £500,000 [~$630,000] by the UK’s data regulator for lacking sufficient preventative measures. The ad-blocking service AdGuard …

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Study reveals UK Facebook hackers on the rise

Lockdown has inspired people to try new hobbies. For example, in spring, the infamous TikTok social media platform was oozing with dog training, cinnamon rolls, and dance challenges. But some internet users opted for more peculiar hobbies. The researchers analysed the monthly search terms and found an average of 171,490 …

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QBS Distribution to offer NordVPN software to UK resellers

QBS Distribution has announced a partnership with NordVPN to provide secure and encrypted VPN access to its network of resellers.  NordVPN redirects internet traffic through a specially configured remote servers to hide users’ IP addresses and encrypt all the data they send or receive. With NordVPN, you can check your …

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