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BT trials new quantum radios to boost next-generation 5G & IoT Networks

BT is trialing new hyper-sensitive quantum antenna technology using excited atomic states that could boost the capability of next generation 5G and IoT networks. Atomic Radio Frequency (RF) receiver technology represents a revolutionary new way of detecting radio waves that could find much weaker signals than conventional receivers. The receiver …

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NEXERA launches network API to automate and accelerate

Poland based NEXERA, a large-scale wholesale telecommunications operator, has launched a Network API that enables service providers to connect and deploy services across its infrastructure in Poland. Local service providers can use the API to extend their reach with visibility into inventory, automated processes and direct connectivity to one of …

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Voxility delivers scalable 100Gbps bandwidth to serve demand from cloud, gaming and video content    

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider, Voxility‘s scalable bandwidth offering delivers 100Gbps bandwidth across its global network with greater cost-efficiency. Customers can combine flexible IaaS with low-latency Internet access to connect and optimise applications and services. The company offers enterprise-grade hardware and network equipment in the best inter-connected Internet hubs, as well as …

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