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TP-Link offers Wi-Fi 6 range extenders with OneMesh

TP-Link’s OneMesh roll-out coincides with the launch of two new, OneMesh compatible Wi-Fi 6 Range Extenders.  TP-Link router users can enjoy a mesh experience by upgrading their router’s firmware and adding a OneMesh compatible Wi-Fi range extender to their existing devices. Simply connect a OneMesh range extender or Powerline extender …

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Liberty Shield notes significant spike in VPN usage across UK

Liberty Shield, an Edinburgh-based online privacy and digital anonymity firm, notes that VPN usage across the UK is rising significantly during the UK’s lockdown. A VPN – or Virtual Private Network – is used to create a private network from a public Internet connection, and it is believed that the …

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Will IoT lead to the internet of everything?

Jonathan Easton asks the Channel to gaze into its crystal ball and predict what is coming next for the world of connected devices as vendors, retailers and consumers alike gear up for the possibility of the internet of everything

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