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The future of retail: How fingerprint biometrics can optimise the retail experience

David Orme, Senior Vice President at IDEX Biometrics, explores how fingerprint biometric smart cards are the answer to securing loyalty accounts and optimising the retail experience in a challenging environment. The need for fingerprint biometrics in retail has never been more acute. While traditional high street sales continue to decline, …

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Amazon Go troubles highlight how much work still needs to be done to create a cashless future

Amazon opened up its new Go store in New York last week. And despite it being the 12th ‘cashless’ store opened by the tech giant, this particular physical shop has caused a stir amongst the locals. The cashless stores have come under criticism that they discriminate against “poorer customers and …

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Industry reacts to UK gov’s smart device security warning labels: “It’s a good start but more needs to be done”

The UK government has outlined a new proposal that will force all smart TVs, smart tech and IoT products to carry a warning label telling consumers how easy they are to hack. These products could be banned in the UK if they fail to tell consumers whether they meet basic …

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