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Google introduces Pixel 4 smartphone, Pixel Buds, Nest Wifi system and Nest Mini assistant

At its recent Pixel event, Google has unveiled the latest version of its Pixel smartphone, wireless earphones, a new Wifi system and an updated home assistant. Pixel 4 (pictured above) The Pixel 4 smartphone features two cameras on the back of the phone, including a new telephoto lens. When you …

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How is Google’s repair ads ban affecting tech businesses?

As Google removes adverts related to computer repairs in a bid to stop scammers, how is this affecting legitimate businesses? Tech For Techs asks its members. MIKE WHITEHOUSE, SUNDERLAND COMPUTER REPAIRS “I have worked with Google for a long time and I’ve resigned myself to having to spend £300 a …

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Are we at risk of tech giants taking over the high street?

With recent rumours that Google is planning to open up its first dedicated retail store, Laura Barnes looks at how this move could transform the high street, and what indies have to offer that big brand can’t.

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