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How to protect your fitness trackers from hackers

A recent study by NordVPN revealed that 1 in 3 (31.9%) Brits use some kind of fitness or well-being device, such as a smartwatch, fitness tracker, etc. However, these devices may be tracking a lot more than your fitness activities, and 23.7% of Brits do nothing to protect them, which may …

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PCR’s guide to the latest wearable tech

We take a look at the latest fitness trackers, smartwatches and enterprise-grade wearables. Apple Watch 4 (pictured above) Specs: GPS, water resistant, barometric altimeter, electrical heart sensor, 16GB capacity, S4 chip with 64-bit dual-core processor, up to 18 hours battery life, Bluetooth 5.0. “Gorgeous curved corners and a large selection …

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In fitness and in health: How connected devices are changing the way we monitor our lives

In the 1960s, a mathematics professor called Edward Thorp created a computer small enough to fit into a shoe. While some purists may call this the true beginning of “wearable technology”, it’s fair to say that the explosion of Bluetooth-enabled devices in 2002 was the point at which manufacturers decided …

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