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Dealer Discussion: How has piracy affected your business?

This month, Tech For Techs’ members discuss their thoughts on pirated software and how it has affected their businesses. RICH FORTH, PHASE 4 COMPUTERS “Piracy is definitely an issue for us. On a daily basis we see customers questioning our prices for software, for instance Windows 10 Home, we sell …

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Dealer Discussion: What plans do you have for your business in 2020?

In our latest Dealer Discussion, Tech For Techs asks its retailer, reseller and service provider members whether they are planning to expand their offerings, become more specialised or introduce new service in 2020. CAROLINE HOWELL – PUTERTUTOR COMPUTER SERVICES “My aim for 2020 is that I want my business to …

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Dealer Discussion: What impact has the smart tech sector had on your business?

As we see more and more smart home products enter the market, what impact are they having on tech retailers and resellers? Are customers going to them directly for new smart tech, or is the sector providing new opportunities for those in the business of setting up and repairing gear? …

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Dealer Discussion: Is there still value in selling gaming gear?

This month, Tech For Techs asks its members if they still find value in selling gaming gear, what items are they’re looking forward to stocking, and whether low-end or high-end products are proving most popular. DANIEL CLIFFORD, VOLTS UK “I often find we get undercut by the larger online gamer-focused …

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Dealer Discussion: What security products and services do you provide and why?

This month, Tech for Techs asks its retailer, reseller and tech services members about the security products they provide to customers. MARK, COMPLETE TECH “We provide Panda for AV with mail filtering for on prem email, Ubiquiti for WiFi, Draytek for routers, Grandstream for on prem pbx or yealink for …

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How important is it to diversify your offerings?

Industry community Tech For Techs asks its members what new areas they have branched out into and why diversifying their offerings have helped them generate more business. CORMIE CORMISON, CROSSHAVEN COMPUTERS “Moving as many business customers as I can to MSP. With me fitting more and more SDDs, I’m less …

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