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Understanding the opportunities in ?Smart Cities?

Cities worldwide are harnessing the power of telecommunications and fast-paced technological developments to get themselves connected and working smarter and more efficiently in terms of use of resources, improved service delivery and quality of life, while supporting the low carbon economy. By 2020, it is estimated that there will be …

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Cloud or on-premise? How to advise your customers

“Too many boxes, too little time.” This may sound familiar if you are a reseller specialising in IT storage. Trying to figure out your storage portfolio at a time when cloud storage is gaining momentum with the enterprise, can force resellers into making rash decisions thus betting their future earnings …

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Do iCloud and Dropbox pose a major security threat to enterprises?

The IT security industry has seen dramatic growth in recent years. As businesses move technologies into the cloud and adapt to an increasingly mobile workforce, IT threats have naturally grown. For enterprise IT leaders, security can no longer just be an afterthought. The cost of neglecting security is a constant …

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