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XR market expected to grow to over $30bn by 2030

A new IDTechEx report on AR, VR and MR products has found that the market will be worth over $30 billion by 2030. The report by technology analyst Dr. Charlotte Coles discusses the technology, market, and players of the past, present and future. XR, or extended reality, products are at …

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The future is now: The latest development in AR and VR

From training retail workers and increasing warehouse safety to making gaming more immersive, the advancements in augmented and virtual reality are seeping into many corners of our lives. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, there’s no doubt that at some point you’ll be interacting with augmented software or even donning …

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Making the virtual a reality: Qualcomm’s Brian Vogelsang on the tech behind VR headsets

Whether it’s the Oculus VR headset range or Microsoft’s HoloLens mixed reality devices, most people are aware of AR and VR technology being used in both consumer products and within the logistics and manufacturing sectors. Known for its pioneering work in mobile technologies, Qualcomm has been at the heart of …

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VR and AR can offer new ways of customer engagement

Kelly Goetsch, chief product officer of commercetools, outlines how AR and VR can offer entirely V new possibilities for brands and retailers to engage with their customers. Virtual reality and augmented reality have suffered from a bad dose of over-hype in recent years. The market for VR headsets has been …

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Read PCR’s VR/AR Special online now!

PCR’s May 2019 issue has hit desks, and this month’s mag is our VR/AR special! In this issue: – The Big Interview: Qualcomm’s Brian Vogelsang talks about the various use cases for VR and AR headsets – The future is now: We delve deeper into how virtual reality is improving …

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Magic Leap One AR headset goes on sale

The full kit will cost around £1,780, which could make it a direct competitor to the dev edition of MIcrosoft’s Hololens, which is almost £1,000 more expensive.

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