YouTube gets on Apple TV

The video sharing site will be available through Apple TV from June
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Apple is set to make Google owned online video sharing site YouTube available through the Apple TV set-top box, reported the BBC.

As from mid-June, Apple TV have the capability to wirelessly stream thousands of the most popular videos from YouTube onto a television, while a full catalogue will be available in the autumn.

However some have speculated that the deal could drag Apple into the vivacious copyright battle between YouTube and content holders.

One such example, Viacom and its owner MTV Networks, sued YouTube for $1 billion in March, charging it with ‘massive intentional copyright infringement’ in reference to hundreds of thousands of Viacom-owned videos it found uploaded to the service without its permission.

However Viacom said it would be happy for the chance to license content to Apple: “We're always vigilant about protecting our copyrights,” said a spokesperson. “But we would welcome the opportunity to license our content to Apple as we do with all distributors."



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