YouGov profiler reveals HP users are untidy and Apple fans love grilled halloumi

Find out who’s a fan of your brand with YouGov’s new profiler app
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YouGov has unveiled a new app that lets you find out interesting information about consumers that use specific brands.

For instance, if you search for HP, you’ll discover that the PC manufacturer’s average fan is from East Anglia, loves Hobson’s Choice and is practical yet untidy on occasion.

A quick search of Apple reveals that the average iPhone user is female, aged between 25 and 39, and loves grilled halloumi.

It isn’t just restricted to brands either. People who like Mark Zuckerberg also like Tesco, TomTom and reading the Independent.

While this app might be a fun timesink, it could also become quite handy for brands who would like some insight into what other interests their customers have.

The profiles cover demographics, lifestyle, personality, brands, entertainment, online and media stats from participants around the UK.

You can type in your favourite brand, or even your own company, at