Windows 8 beta expected this September

Leaks suggest full release will be ready as early as January 2012
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According to an internal development roadmap, Microsoft are making solid progress with Windows 8.

Using the trouble-free Windows 7 development as a yardstick ZDnet theorises work on a third milestone will go ahead on February 28, as scheduled. Microsoft are currently nearing completion of Milestone 2. Milestones are typically any pre-Alpha work, used to code specific sets of functions.

Dubbed ‘Windows Next’, the new operating system is based off the familiar Vista framework. ZDnet anticipate a beta release in time for the Professional Developers Conference in September.

Last week, rumours were bolstered by a leaked Dell technology roadmap containing plans for Windows 8 tablet release in Jan 2012.

If MS stays true to the form showed during Windows 7’s development, we should indeed see the next Windows early next year.