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I've aired my opinion that in such a fast moving industry, adaptation and evolution are the best tools retailers have. Well, the same rule applies to us as well.
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It's been six years since Intent Media launched PC Retail, and a lot of things have changed in the industry since then. If there's one thing to pick out with specific regard to the retail sector, it's that PC shops now generally stock a much wider array of products than they used to. As this has became evident, we moved with it. However in order to continue to represent such a diverse market to the best possible standards, we decided a greater degree of clarity was required.

Apart from the new name, the biggest change you'll notice is the three new sections in the magazine and online. The Hardware section will probably be the most familiar, covering PCs, components and monitors – generally the core of an IT retailer's sales. The Software section will be populated by all the security vendors, operating systems makers and programme manufacturers behind this rapidly evolving sector. Finally, in the Consumer Electronic section you will find articles and sector guides on more 'gadgety' products, such as sat nav devices, digital cameras and MP3 players.

On top of these three product led sections, the Market Place section – the best place for product launches and news – now has its own online tab, and we will continue to bring you all the analysis, top interviews and breaking news from the technology industry in our feature and news sections.

We think it’s a huge improvement, and hope you feel the same. As ever, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to get in contact with me.


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