Wearable designed by teens records your TV shows when you nod off

Virgin is preparing to trial the smart wristband
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Virgin Media is preparing to launch a smart wristband that connects with a digital video recorder (DVR) and tells it to pause and record a programme if the user fall asleep.

The device, which is the brainchild of two Manchester teenagers Jonathan Kingsley and Ryan Oliver, monitors a user's pulse, meaning it can tell if they fall asleep. It then beams a message to the viewer's TiVo box, giving it the go ahead to record the current show for viewing at a later time.

Once the user has woken up and is ready to carry on with their viewing, they can simply pick up where they left off.

The two teenagers came up with the idea as part of Virgin Media’s 'Switched on Futures' initiative.

It features a spark core chip, pulse-oximeter, push button, sleep mode indicator and a small LiPo battery.

Sleepy TiVo users can register to be a part of the trial run by filling out a survey here.

Trial dates are yet to be confirmed.