Want your colleague or business featured in PCR? Here's how

Send your pictures in for our Out of Office section
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Has your business got up to something weird, wacky or charitable lately? Why not tell the trade in PCR?

Maybe you've held a business or charity event recently, or want to recognise a colleague or partner, or do something fun to mark an occasion. 

These kind of events are covered in PCR's light-hearted 'Out of Office' section.

You can send your pictures or details in to laura.barnes@intentmedia.co.uk or call 01992 535646 to let us know about an upcoming activity.

Recent examples include Synaxon Award Winners 2013, pictures of attendees at VIP Computers' Evolution 2 gaming event, Midwich's Tech Exposed, Target Components' 15th birthday dress-up celebrations and Sega's launch for Total War: Rome II.

So if you've done something interesting, shout about it!