VIDEO: Robotic skin made from circuits thinner than cling film

Circuits are lighter than a feather and can be scrunched up into a ball without breaking
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Japanese scientists have created what they claim is the world’s thinnest electronic circuits to be used as robotic skin in the healthcare sector.

Lighter than a feather and thinner than cling film, the circuits are flexible and durable. They can be scrunched up into a ball without breaking and can be worn without restricting the user’s movements.

When placed on rubber surfaces, the circuits are stretchable and can withstand up to 233 per cent tensile strain.

“I believe this development will open up a wide range of new applications, from health monitoring systems, wearable medical instruments, and even robotic skins in the future," commented Tokyo University professor Takao Someya.

Check out DigInfo’s video of the ultra-thin circuits below: