VIDEO: News Corp to vanish from Google

Watch News Corp?s CEO explain the firm?s big online gamble
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News Corp managing director Rupert Murdoch has claimed that his firm’s entire fleet of websites, and their content, will be removed from Google.

And the Fox News owner went on to confirm that all News Corp websites will introduce a pay-wall, forcing users to pay for content. Read more on that here.

When challenged on this strategy in an interview with Sky News Australia, Murdoch said:

“Well [people] shouldn’t have had it free all [this] time… we’ve been asleep. It costs us a lot of money to put together; good newspapers and good content.”

Elsewhere in the interview Murdoch said that putting such content together was “cheaper than you think”.

The so-called ‘content kleptomaniacs’ – news aggregators cited in this instance as “Google, Microsoft and” – are all thought will all lose News Corp’s content as soon pay-walls are introduced.

Said Murdoch: “[People] are very happy to pay for it when they buy a newspaper, and I think when they read it elsewhere they’re going to have to pay.”