VAT change: The channel speaks

Have Your Say: Are you concerned about the impact on your business before December 1st?
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With Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling revealing plans to reduce VAT from 17.5 per cent to 15 per cent from December 1st, several retailers have expressed concerns that they may be impacted this weekend as shoppers wait for the reduction to be introduced – especially on large ticket items such as PCs.

Are you expecting a quiet weekend? Do you feel that it is going to hurt you overall? Do you feel that it a whole load of fuss about nothing?

Are you worried about the cost of changing all your point of sale material and reprinting catalogues?

Or are you more worried at potentially losing 2.5 per cent on stock you've recently purchased but have yet to sell? Are you going to have to sell at a loss because the change has swallowed your margin?

Whatever you do in the channel, if you feel you will be impacted by the change in VAT, we want to hear from you. To air your views, email and we'll post your responses on the website.

Please include your full name, place of business or if you prefer, state that you wish to remain anonymous. Regardless of whether you want to be identified or remain anonymous, please state what you are within the channel (retailer, reseller, distributor etc).



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