US tech giant ACS buys up Telford's Syan

ACS expands Euro footprint with purchase of Syan
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Affiliated Computer Services Inc (ACS) has acquired Telford technology company Syan Holdings Limited for approximately $60.2 million.

ACS is a Fortune 500 company and a top-tier US-based information technology outsourcing company.

Syan is one of the UK's leading providers of information technology outsourcing and its revenues in the past 12 months were around $76 million.

The deal helps ACS better position itself globally and enables it to deliver information technology outsourcing solutions to its European and global clients.

The ACS purchase also adds its assets 200 experienced IT professionals and four new facilities, including two data centres, from which it can operate in the UK.

Syan provides delivery and support of managed services and technology solutions involving IBM mid-range and Intel servers. Its services include server hosting and management, applications management, desktop management, high-availability solutions and helpdesk operations.



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