UK users spend just one hour away from tech daily

Latest study reveals Britons' close relationship with technology
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New research claims that Britons spend just one hour of the day without using any tech products.

The study, conducted by discount website, polled a total of 1,239 people with the aim of analysing Britons' relationships with technology following a surge in the number of technology related searches that were made through the site.

It was also discovered that out of those polled, 87 per cent of people admitted to never going anywhere without their mobile phone.

Participants of the research were initially asked how much time they spent without using technology of any form during a typical day; taking into account everyday items such as computers, mobile phones, radios and televisions with the average time being 1.2 hours.

Those who took part were also asked which items they spent the majority of their time on each day, with the results being as follows:

1. Computer/Laptop - 31%
2. Mobile Phone - 19%
3. Tablet PC - 12%
4. Radio - 7%
5. Games Console - 4%

Speaking of the results, chairman of Mark Pearson said: “Whilst I think we’re all aware that we spend quite a lot of time on our computers and mobile phones, it’s quite an eye-opener to find out that, on average, we’re only not using tech products for a total of one hour every day."

He continued: “A lot of people don’t realise how much time they do spend using tech products, especially when you include things like radio and watching TV. When you take into consideration that these days, even reading a book can be done on an e-reader, you begin to see how so much time can be dedicated to tech products."

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