UK to spend ?13.6 billion online for Christmas

Britons rank first in Europe, with the average person spending ?509
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Consumers in the UK are the biggest internet shoppers in Europe, according to a report out today from Forrester Research.

According to the report, UK shoppers will spend £13.6 billion on the internet between October 1st and Christmas Day – equivalent to the average Briton spending £509 – an increase of 40 per cent over the same period last year.

The report also highlighted the spending habits of our European cousins and found that German consumers came second with an average spend of £8 billion during the same period, while the French languished in third place at £4.5 billion.

However, Richard Dodd, head of media at the British Retail Consortium, said that the figure was down to the inclusion of holidays and financial products: "We would not usually include these. But online sales now account for 5 per cent of total sales."