'UK tech start-ups helped pull us out of recession'

Entrepreneur-led businesses ‘have driven the recovery’, says Joanna Shields
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Tech City UK chair Joanna Shields has said that start-up businesses have driven the recovery of the recession in the UK

Speaking at London Technology Week, Shields commented: “Things get better because companies start hiring people.

“If you look at the end of this recession, what actually pulled us out wasn’t the government – the government contracted – it wasn’t big corporations – they hired at 0.0x per cent – it was entrepreneur-led businesses, some small and just beginning, some scaling up. These are the companies that have driven the recovery.”

Shields revealed that London’s digital tech sector is expected to create £12bn worth of economic activity and 46,000 new jobs on the capital over the next 10 years, a claim that some publications are questioning.

Sky News argues that out of the 97 companies listed in the a pamphlet available at the press conference, only 32 are actually based in the UK, questioning how accurate those impressive figures are.

As the week-long event draws to a close, London Technology Week has hailed it a success, revealing that there were close to 40,000 attendees throughout the week across more than 200 independently run events.