UK 'slow' to adopt all-in-one printers

Distributor says Brits have not been as fast as the Continent in abandoning traditional devices
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The UK has been slow to take up multi-function printers, but this could change as prices drop, a distributor has said.

Micro-P’s printer product specialist, Phil Miller, told PCR that Brits have been behind the continent in moving away from traditional printers.

“The UK has been slow to adopt the transition from single function to multifunction printers in the home and small business, compared to our European counterparts,” he said, adding that he expects to see “a further significant increase as the price of multi-function printers continues to fall.”

Many vendors are prepared for this turnaround. Canon’s recent sales data already reflects the growing trend of multi-function devices, showing that they are now more popular than standalone printers. Meanwhile, Kodak is so confident that the future lies in integrated printer-scanners that it no longer produces single- function machines.

To find out where other industry figures see the printer sector heading, you can read our full feature here.



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