Top sellers teach a valuable lesson

Our sales charts for December show that once again customers are looking to maximise their value for money, even in the run up Christmas...
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One of the most obvious aspects of this month’s results is the complete lack of change in many of our top five charts.

Once again, Norton 360 sits in the number one position in the security chart that it has occupied since this section was initiated in September.

While it has been praised for its all encompassing approach to security, one of the key selling points for the software is the license that allows for up to three installs – something that will appeal to the majority of households, which have more than one PC.

Price and performance appear to dominate the hardware categories. The mid-range PNY GeForce 9600 GTS, praised for its solid performance at a relatively low price point, remains in pole position from last month. Another Sapphire card, the HD4650, gives the OEM four months of having its products in the top five bestsellers, while an unusual new entry is PNY’s high-end XLR8 GeForce GTS 250, which carries a range of the latest features including full DX10 support and CUDA, and is being offered by the multiples at around £125.

Acer’s AS5536 is the top selling laptop again in a chart that is seems to emphasise value for money. Dell’s Inspiron 1545 is currently seeing a television advertising campaign, and is being offered by PC World with a £100 discount. The eMachine EM525 is part of Acer’s budget brand range. It is capable of handling most online media content as well as some older games, and carries a suggested retail price of £392.


1 – Packard Bell iMedia D3519
2 – Compaq CQ2200
3 – Acer Aspire X1300
4 – Acer Aspire X3200
5 – HP S3821P


1 – Acer AS5536
2 – Dell 1545
3 – eMachine E525
4 – HP Compaq CQ61 222SA
5 – Advent Roma 1000

Graphics Cards

1 – PNY GeForce 9600GT
2 – PNY XLR8 GeForce GTS 250
3 – PNY Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT
4 – ATI Sapphire HD 4650
5 – Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT


1 – Logitech V550
2 – Logitech M205
3 – Microsoft Optical 3000
4 – PC Line WBB2
5 – IT Works MCO 01


1 – Logitech LX710
2 – Logitech EX110
3 – Microsoft Wireless 6000
4 – Microsoft 2000 Comfort Curve
5 – Microsoft 3000 Digital Media

Anti-Virus Software

1 – Norton 360
2 – Norton Internet Security
3 – Kaspersky Internet Security 2010
4 – Norton Internet Security 2009 Premier Edition
5 – AVG Internet Security 8.5


A touch of good sales

The entry of the Packard Bell OneTwo into our desktop category represents the first time that we?ve seen a touch screen PC in our sales charts.

Are desktops still relevant?

A look at our top selling desktops and laptops shows an interesting pattern. In terms of specs, there?s very little to differentiate the top three laptops from the top selling desktops.

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Value for money shines through

A look at this month?s top sellers reveals a theme that will be familiar to many retailers across the country. Despite the ongoing recession, there is still demand for IT products, but customers are looking to maximise the value of the money they spend.