TomTom HD Traffic shows extent of snow delays

Nearly 2,000 delays registered across the UK
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An image from the TomTom HD Traffic information system posted by twitter user nickgilbert_uk omn shows an unprecidented level of traffic incidents and delays across the UK due to heavy snow.

TomTom's HD Traffic Centre recorded nearly 2000 separate traffic incidents on Wednesday evening totalling 1933 miles of delays across the UK.

PocketGPSworld said that the TomTom HD Traffic Centre had recorded nearly 2,000 separate traffic incidents on Wednesday evening which afflicted delays upon 1,933 miles of road across the UK.

“The worst single jam was 43 miles long on the M1 and the longest was on the M25 with delays of 23 hours over the whole of the M25 and one single incident alone causing 5 hours of delays,” wrote Darren Griffin in a post on

The BBC also posted another image of TomTom HD Traffic centred above Red Hill: