T-Mobile boss battles Donald Trump in Twitter tirade

Business magnate Trump doesn’t take kindly to complaints from John Legere
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Twitter exploded last night as CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere, went head-to-head with business magnate Donald Trump in a war of words.

Legere began tweeting about musicians keeping him awake during his stay at a Trump Hotel in New York, prompting the entrepreneur to swipe back at T-Mobile.

The T-Mobile boss replied saying that the musicians had been removed, rather than being offered a new room himself.

Not one to back down from a fight, Trump indirectly responded with another quip about T-Mobile’s services.

Many Twitter users egged the two on with several backing Legere. One person tweeted: “Global corporatism sucks, your greed sucks, you suck.”

Twitter user @TrumpDefender dubbed the T-Mobile topcat as “sad”, accusing him of obsessively tweeting about Trump, to which Legere responded:

Needless to say, Legere did not remain in the Trump Hotel and moved to another hotel.

It all seems rather petty to us.