Tim Cook confirms Apple will launch new product categories in 2014

“We’re working n some really great stuff,” says CEO
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Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has confirmed that the company plans to release new products this year.

In an interview with WSJ, Cook said outright that ‘there will be new categories this year’. Commenting that the firm is ‘not ready to talk about it, but we’re working on some really great stuff’.

The tech media have circulated rumours about an Apple iWatch for a while now, but with a number of other smartwatches already on the market, perhaps Apple is looking ahead to something newer.

Another rumour doing the rounds is that Apple will launch its own television, which could come with an integrated Apple TV streaming device.

Judging by Apple’s recent patent spree, the new products could include an iPen stylus, a double-sided touchscreen laptop and a wireless projector PC.