The week in review

Duke Nukem Forever smashes charts, its PR agency slams reviewers, and HP shakes up management
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The week started with the news that despite picking up mixed reviews, long awaited FPS Duke Nukem Forever smashed into the charts at number one, thanks largely to console sales.

Speaking of average reviews, the firm's US PR agency The Redner Group lashed out at journalists on Twitter for writing reviews 'with venom'. The firm subsequently got dropped by DNF publisher 2K Games after a backlash from the journalist community, and was forced to repeatedly apololgise.

Speaking of backlashes, you can read a PCR opinion piece here, asking why we didn't see one from one from the tabloid media upon Duke Nukem Forever's release, seeing as The Daily Mail et all are usually quite reliably hysterical on these matters.

The big news Tuesday was Hewlett-Packard's executive reshuffle, with a number of high profile departures.

The latest in Apple's never-ending court battles didn’t end too well for Jobs' mob, who may have to pay E420 million to Nokia over patent infringements. Ouch. 

Meanwhile, the firm has apparently started selling unlocked iPhone 4s in the US. Is this in preparation for an imminent iPhone 5 launch?

Meanwhile a number of MP’s have signed a motion calling for the Government to re-examine sections of the Digital Economy Act that allow the disconnection of a users internet without judicial process. The move could have profound effects on piracy laws here in the UK

Finally, O2 has apparently decided not to offer the BlackBerry PlayBook tablets, stating "unfortunately there are some issues with the end to end customer experience." Probably not the type of review RIM was hoping for.

Have a good weekend.



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