The top five most ridiculous Prime Day offerings

PCR rounds up some of the strangest things we could find during Amazon's 2017 Prime Day
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Amazon Prime Day is here! While the day has been celebrated for big money savings on TVs and other tech, there have also been some duds (10 per cent off some 'scratch and swirl remover' that has, at time of writing, sold 0 per cent of its allocation) along with some head-scratchingly odd offerings. We thought we'd take a look at some of the latter and pick out our top five weird Prime Day deals. 

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What is it? A swanky looking satin pyjama set in a variety of colours to turn the most ordinary of blue-collar workers into Hugh Hefner 

What makes it so weird? Who would want to look like Hugh Hefner!? Seriously though, while everyone always talks about the big ticket items like tablets and smart home products going on sale, the majority of the Prime Day deals are actually a bit, well, naff and these tacky PJs are a prime example. 

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What is it? An abomination that makes the classic Casio AZ-1 keytar look like the height of tasteful design

What makes it so weird? If it ain't broke don't fix it. Guitars have been around for centuries without needing anything remotely resembling this monstrosity. And the cost as well is a bit much. Even at the discounted price of £191.98, the Zivix Jamstik+ still looks like a cheap novelty gift idea that'd be forgotten a couple of days after Christmas. To quote PCR's sister publication Mi Pro's editor Laura Barnes: "I don't know why it exists."

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What is it?It's not an Apple Watch for £30.

What makes it so weird? Now I know that there's probably enough of a difference to the design to make it legal to sell while not breaking all of the trademark laws but come on now.

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What is it? A plastic emoji that, for some reason, lights up with a bioluminous glow.

What makes it so weird? The big question isn't what makes it weird, but what doesn't make it weird. A poo with a face that looks about as traumatised about its existence as you do. Also (as I am never one to shy away from a cheap joke) it's just a bit of a crap product.

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What is it? A five-year-old videogame for an 11-year-old games console that Nintendo Gamer described as "best endured with friends or lots of beer".

What makes it so weird? While it's no surprise to see videogames featured by one of the world's largest game retailers, We Sing Pop stands out as a bit of an anomaly. Whereas a lot of the others on offer are the biggest releases from the past year or so, a game as old as this at a price as high as it is should go by completely unnoticed. The weirdest part of all of this is that at the time of writing 84 per cent of the allocation have been sold. Who is buying this?!

So those are some of the strange items we found this morning but there undoubtedly hundreds (potentially thousands) more out there. Let us know your weird finds by tweeting us @PCR_Online