The standard of your trading

Our local Trading Standards Office runs a Registered Trader Scheme. Anyone who registers is listed on the website and receives materials to display in their premises and online. There are stringent checks and requirements before joining and during the membership term. Customers are encouraged to comment on the service they receive.
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It stands to reason that this kind of positive reputation building should bring great rewards in increased business. The principles, aims and objectives let consumers know that they are dealing with local traders that comply with all the regulations which apply to their business and offer high standards of workmanship.

One of the concerns regularly voiced by businesspeople is that consumers get all the rights while theirs are compromised, but I think this scheme’s requirements seem reasonable, fair and balanced. Unfortunately, schemes like this are only set up by local TSOs and are not nationally available. Anyone who is interested should contact their own Trading Standards Office to see if it runs one.

There are parallels between a scheme like this and membership of NASCR. The quality of membership is high and should be displayed to enhance the standing of the business. In fact, requirements are so high that anyone who successfully joins such a scheme would be an asset to any trade association that wants to improve the quality of service in their sector.

NASCR would love to include any reader that gains such a status, so we will award one year’s honorary membership once you show us that you’ve made it. This will apply to existing as well as new members. Drop me an email on



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