The Sims 3 offers chance to cash in on games

Latest title in series presents unique opportunity for IT retailers, says publisher
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EA has said that IT retailers are ideally placed to take advantage of the 'broad appeal' of The Sims 3.

Speaking to PCR, the publisher said that because the game had engagement with a large swathe of the UK's population that doesn't normally play games, it opened up opportunities for non-traditional outlets, which do reach those demographics – such as IT retailers – to sell the title.

"The Sims 3 has such a broad appeal from teenagers, all the through to the older generation, and is one of those rare releases that genuinely offers something for everyone," EA's marketing manager Claire Ridley told PCR.

She added that anticipation for the game was at fever pitch. "We have a hugely active Sims community who are counting down the days and creating increased momentum by evangelising the game with every new asset or piece of information."

The title, which launches on June 5th, is the latest release in the series that has become one of the best selling franchises in gaming.