The end of an era

Time for a quick recap of the story so far. In June 2009, the merger of the Mac Technology Association and the PCA was announced and by September the effective combining of the two organisations was complete in all but one aspect ? our websites. There was simply too much Mac-channel specific information on the MTA website to allow us to turn it off.
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At the time of writing, the Mac Technology Association website was just about to enter retirement. Visitors will now be redirected briefly to a holding page on the TCA website explaining the merger, before being switched through to the TCA home page.

But there is still one aspect of the MTA’s website services that remains unresolved – the Mac Reseller Directory, which was the single most visited, supported and respected feature of the site. Hopefully this will not remain unresolved for too long. I’m pleased to announce that we have been working on plans with Conjungo, the world’s only independent technology information and reseller search platform, to create a bigger, better Mac channel reseller directory powered by their excellent database and search engine technology.

For those of you who haven’t spotted Conjungo yet, they are the company who are compiling the UK’s most complete, searchable database directory resource of ICT resellers, suppliers, consultants and VARs. They then profile and structure this information to build searchable online dealer lists for end users to find their locally accredited and specialist resellers for vendors like Symantec, Citrix, Adobe, Cisco, Motorola, Wyse, Mamut, SMC, O2 and many others. A large number of Apple resellers are already listed and featured on Conjungo, and will therefore automatically appear in the new Apple Reseller Directory.

Not only will the Mac-channel benefit from this new enhanced directory, they will also benefit from inclusion within Conjungo and the substantially growing reach they are achieving into many business and end user markets. So if you’re a reseller who isn't already on there, we’d recommend that you take a look at this resource very soon.


The sharp end of the industry

I was recently asked by the organisers of the TCA Conference if I would like to give a ten minute ?pitch and bitch? presentation about the life of a small indie. Feeling very passionate about the retail business, I gave it a shot.

The problem with Kindle

Leave a Kindle on a train seat while nature calls and you loose your seat and you loose the device and everything in it. Leave a book there though and it's far more likely that both will be there when you return.

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The way forward

For the second month running, I managed to almost finish my column, all apart from the usual niceties of checking spelling and grammar ? and then something happened to make me scrap the whole thing and start again from scratch.

The standard of your trading

Our local Trading Standards Office runs a Registered Trader Scheme. Anyone who registers is listed on the website and receives materials to display in their premises and online. There are stringent checks and requirements before joining and during the membership term. Customers are encouraged to comment on the service they receive.


You don't progress by standing still

By now readers will be aware that the PCA has progressed to become the TCA ?the Technology Channels Association?by joining with the Mac Technology Association. Since you will probably have already read the press releases and the comment around them, I thought you might also appreciate a bit of the inside story.

The season to be cheerful?

The IT retail sector is preparing for one of its most challenging year-ends in the last 15 years. So far, we have seen sales across all product groups fall by almost four per cent from January to August 2008 to the same period this year.

The core of the industry

It?s an exciting time to be in the technology market. While brand new form factors such as the tablet and hybrid PCs are catching the eyes of gadget fans the world over, innovative new 3D and multi-touch screens look set to change the way we interact with our computers forever.