Tesco launches grocery app for Google Glass

Users can search for products with voice search wherever they are or scan product barcodes
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Tesco has launched an app for Google Glass that lets shoppers browse products, access nutritional info and add items to their basket.

The app, titled Tesco Grocery, enables users signed into their Tesco.com account to get more out of their shopping experience, and complete a grocery run without touching a trolley.

Users can search for products with voice search wherever they are, and add items to their basket online. They can also scan a barcode of a product using the device’s camera, which will then locate it on the online store and bring it up on the screen.

Tesco is the first British retailer to embrace and utilise Google Glass functionality, even though it is not yet available to the general public.

Pablo Coberly, innovation engineer at Tesco Labs, commented: “At Tesco we want to ensure we have the means in place to allow customers to shop whenever, however they want which is why we’re testing the possibilities of customers topping up their online basket with Glass.

“We’ve intentionally kept functionality very basic given the early stages of customer use of Glass. We’re keen to see how customers react to shopping with Glassware and welcome feedback or suggestion from customers using Glass.”