Tech support worker builds own Google Glass

Fan makes his own Glass using screen from MyVu Crystal 701
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Nathan Myers has built his own version of Google Glass dubbed ‘Flass’.

The 20-year-old Australian tech support worker built the fake Google Glass out of a screen from a MyVu Crystal 701 latched onto a custom-made frame and hooked up to a Samsung Galaxy S i9000.

The phone has TV out functions that, with the help of the Apex Launcher app, projects the Android interface into Myers’ right eye.

The setup also includes a Bluetooth headset enabling Myers to use voice commands in conjunction with the Android handset via an app called utter!

Here’s Myers demonstrating the setup of Flass:

The tech wizard can even open up emails using an app named Tasker, and dictate email replies with the utter! app.

Check out this demonstration of the Flass user interface: