Steve Jobs: Flash would kill iPad

Apple CEO claims browser plug-in would reduce battery life by 80 per cent
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Steve Jobs has slammed Flash, saying that the platform is a “CPU hog” and a source of “security holes”.

According to Gawker, in attempt to get the Wall Street Journal to embrace the iPad, Jobs told editors that: “We don’t spend a lot of time on old technology.” He went on to compare Flash to other systems that Apple considered to be obsolete, such as floppy disks, FireWire 400 and CDs.

He also claimed that Flash would reduce the battery life of the iPad from ten hours to less than two hours.

Despite the fact that Flash is essential to view content on the vast majority of websites, including one particularly large video sharing site, Jobs seems convinced that it would be a “trivial” matter for the world to drop Flash. He remains faithful that Flash will soon be replaced by either HTML5 or the H.264 video compression system.