Steve Ballmer hasn't upgraded to an Xbox One yet

Office snap shows Microsoft boss still keen on 360
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It seems Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has yet to upgrade to an Xbox One - this picture shows he's still keen on his white Xbox 360.

One of the white 360s, currently only available to Microsoft employees, can be seen at the bottom-right of the below image, when Ballmer met Parrot founder and CEO Henri Seydoux.

The pair confirmed the arrival of two Parrot apps on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 devices which can be used to control the Parrot AR Drone remote control copter.

At a time when the new £429 Xbox One is now on general release, it's refreshing to see Ballmer still supporting the 360 (and Call of Duty: Ghosts). Good on you, Steve.

A white 360 recently sold for $11,300 at an auction for the Wounded Warrior Project charity.

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