Steampunk USB key for sale

Hand made device sold through Etsy for $300
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Only retailer Etsy has begun selling a steampunk style USB key hand made out of hardwood and metal for $300.

"This USB drive was designed with inspiration from a "narrow bridge" sign seen on a country road," said the item description written by Etsy user WillRockwell. Etsy is a site that specialises in retailing hand-made products. Steampunk is a popular genre of custom builds or modifications but this is one of the first times a product has been made available for sale.

"It is cut from fine hardwood and decorated with a tiny gauge and control wheels which move. The drive itself is a reliable 8Gb unit purchased at Staples. The drive is signed with a tiny engraving on the bottom, and comes nestled in velvet in a custom faux vintage tin box", says the description.