Sony's Smart EyeGlass to go on sale in March

Software development kit launches today
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Sony’s Smart EyeGlass will go on sale in March next year, and is set to rival Google Glass with its new features.

Sony first teased the alternative with a prototype of the glasses at CES 2014, which has an array of sensors including accelerometer, gyroscope, electronic compass and ambient light sensor.

The firm is releasing the software development kit for the glasses today.

The smartglasses work as a secondary screen for an Android phone, displaying information in the user's vision thanks to the tiny projector and hologram system.

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Sony has used a green monochrome display to overlay information, such as navigation directions and notifications, a key difference between the Eyeglass and Google Glass.

It also features a 3MP camera, face recognition and a wire connecting it to an external battery pack that has an extra touch sensor and microphone.

This news comes after an eary version of Google Glass went on sale earlier this year for £1,000.

Check out the video for Sony’s Smart EyeGlass here: