Sony: 'Vaio to become one trillion yen business'

Move part of firm's goal to become the leading global provider of networked CE and entertainment
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We will expand our PC product ranges into a trillion dollar business by 2011. That was the message Sony delivered to the world's press in a statement that represents a fundamental shift in the way that the firm runs its business.

The move, part of the firm's goal of becoming "the leading global provider of networked consumer electronics and entertainment", is one that will see the PC division join the likes of Sony's television, digital imaging, game and mobile businesses that generate over one trillion yen of revenue each year.

Part of that is a fundamental shift in the way that firm looks at the connectivity and synergies of its products and divisions, with vendor looking to increasingly promote connectivity between products through 90 per cent of all ranges being network enabled and wireless-capable.

The firm also said that it is aiming to recapture its market leading position in the TV market by 2011.