Sony showcases flagship gear

Gadget Show Live 2011: Key laptops and televisions on display
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Sony has presented its leading products, including 3D laptop, to the trade and public at the Gadget Show Live 2011.

The Vaio F Series 3D laptop has, naturally, active 3D technology, full HD display, up to 6GB memory, up to 750GB hard drive, and can have a Blu-ray drive as an option.

With the S Series of light and highly stylised laptops, Sony has its sights firmly set on the MacBook market. They’ll have high specs, but will come with a high price-tag to match.

Other key items included televisions such as the Bravia NX723 – with integrated wi-fi connectivity – and the LED HX923, both big, expensive bits of kit sure to entice a lot of consumers.

Sony also had a full complement of MP3 players and cameras (such as the PG10) on display.