So Protect Me offers home security

UK firm hopes to capture chunk of market with new software follow Byron report
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In response to public concerns, UK firm So Protect Me has developed new software to tackle internet dangers.

The release follows recent Government studies, such as the Byron Review, calling for greater action to protect children.

So Protect Me Home Blocker and So Protect Me Business Blocker also includes other security features, including the ability to prevent unauthorised credit card payments and block gambling websites.

"The blocker provides unique features delivered to the machine – not from a central server," said Ian Richardson managing director of IGR, which is responsible for retail, distribution and OEM sales of the products. "It is simple to set up and provide protection. For example our social networking protection is effective out of the box – once the user has set up an age rating for the machine."

The Blocker can also be used in a corporate environment. "Companies need to implement policies that are flexible, that treat staff responsibly. The So Protect Me Office Blocker can help to implement flexible IT strategies that treat people responsibly and take in to account the changing nature of the internet domain," added Richardson.



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