Skype malware scare following software update error

Firm disables update and moves to reassure users
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Skype users were up in arms following an update that pushed unwanted software onto users of the PC version of the VoIP software.

Complaints arose following the Skype application installing a gaming add-on called EasyBits Games Go, part of the Skype Extras market of software add-ons.

The software apparently failed to install correctly and couldn't be uninstalled easily, furthermore it ignored users denying permission to install the add-on raising fears of malware infection.

Skype moved describe the EasyBits update as a "error", adding that the update had been disabled while " we work with them to correct the problems and user experience," they said.

"Skype works closely with its partners to ensure that our users receive the best possible Skype experience and is working with EasyBits to ensure this issue does not happen again," they added.

Earlier this month Microsoft moved to acquire Skype for $8.5 billion dollars, the largest acquisition in the firm's history.



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