Skype makes service more personal

New personalisation options make up the bulk of the updates in Skype 3.2 for Windows.
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Tech Digest reports that the latest version of the internet telephony service contains a new video snapshot feature which allows users to take a picture of themselves using a webcam and add it to their profile, a feature which allows the import of address books from other applications such as Hotmail and Gmail, and the ability to send ‘Share Skype’ invitations to anyone not signed up.

General performance improvements include enhanced echo cancellation and background noise reduction technologies, while a ‘Send Money’ function purports to make transactions through PayPal easier.

“Skype has always been committed to giving people the best internet calling experience possible and we feel we’ve hit the mark with the latest version,” said Carter Adamson, director of desktop products for Skype. “Now you can really individualise your profile and make it even more unique with video snapshot, put all the contact details for your online relationships in one place and enjoy exceptional sound quality so much so that you feel like you’re actually in the same room as the person you’re calling.”



Skype gives internet TV a Joost

The creators behind the web based phone service Skype have launched Joost – which they claim is the world’s first broadcast quality internet TV service.