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New range for home user with less tech knowledge
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Sitecom has launched the ‘Smart Living’ range – a series of connectivity and storage products designed to facilitate easy data sharing amongst multiple devices.

The firm is marketing the products as being particularly easy to set up and use for those that aren’t necessarily fluent in the latest technology, but would like a home network. The range includes routers, media players and storage devices.

The Home Storage Center and the Portable Storage Case hold video, image, audio and data files to be accessed by any PC or compatible device on the network.

The TV Media Player streams HD quality (1080p) video from any connected source to a networked television. The Media Router is a dual-band router with five GHz frequency, while the Wireless Media Adapter 300N remotely connects the TV Media Player or a computer to a router.

The firm says the Smart Living concept consists of five applications: store, share, play, download and stream wireless. Essentially, it’s a suite of products to facilitate the digital home concept, or more simply to connect a household’s worth of digital equipment together.

The Smart Living range is available now through Meroncourt.


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